Andrena is our Nutritional advisor for the Spice Chica Cooking School. Her knowledge and insight on food and it's value to our well being is so well received by our students. It is great to understand the background of our foods in the simple matter as Andrena explains.
The Spice Chica

Within the last year I experienced major allergic episodes which included a visit to the emergency department of a hospital. Andrena’s knowledge of the immune system and foods that the human body cannot tolerate changed my life forever. When medical science failed me Andrena had a safe & effective way of eliminating the inflammatory reactions which changed my life. Thank you so much Andrena.
Donna West
Insurance Broker, Calgary, Alberta

Following the Andrena’s recommendations I have adopted a healthier lifestyle, have more energy, and have lost weight. Her recommendations were clear and the menu planning was very helpful.
Cheryl Inkster
IT Specialist