Natural Weight Loss & Management

Stop the diet frenzy once and for all and learn how to work with your body to get the results you desire.

This one year Personalized Program will guide you with natural method to help you reach your goals and learn how to maintain your new lifestyle. Diets are temporary measurers that reap temporary results. You will learn how you are thinking about food and make healthier choices every day. This is your chance to devote to improving your health and wellness and make new lifestyle choices.


  • Complete a Lifestyle Assessment and Nutri-Systems Profile
  • Log food and exercise for a minimum of 5 days
  • Client nutritional assessment form
  • You will receive an individualized holistic nutritional plan
  • You will receive your very own customized five day meal plan ($300 value)
  • Supplement recommendations, if required
  • Recipe modifications and meal suggestions specific to facilitate weight loss (value $350)
  • You will learn how to choose nutrient dense foods instead of calorie counting – changing your relationship with food and your body
  • Shopping lists
  • Help with understanding food labels for hidden sugars, preservatives and additives
  • Recommendations on how to improve other areas in your life to balance overall health.
  • 60 minute appointment to review your individualized plan.
  • 30 minute calls or Skype, bi-weekly
  • Final progress update.
    • 3; 10 minute emergency calls (for when you are confused about a food choice you are about to make)
    • Private community where you will have access to other clients for encouragement. (lifetime access) ($1000 value)