Andrena Taylor, C.H.N.
Life and Wellness Strategy Coach

Hi, I’m Andrena – a Mom, Wife, Food Lover, Cook, Gardener and an Entrepreneur from Calgary, Alberta. I am a passionate Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ whose goal is to empower and educate people who are committed to realizing their health and wellness goals.

I have always been interested in live, wholesome nutritious food and know the value of knowing where your food comes from. I grew up eating fresh food from my Grandmother’s garden and watching her make meals from scratch – nothing came out of a box and nothing was processed.

She made amazing meals with just a few ingredients and seasonings. I grew up eating Kale right out of her garden before Kale became the ‘new’ superfood.

However, I have not always followed what my heart knew to be the best for my body. Life and busy schedules took over, running to competitions, games, tournaments – the life of a busy mother of two sons who were involved in multiple sports, and I fell into the fast food trap.

Fifty percent of the time I paid attention to what I was putting into my body, and the other fifty percent-well, not the ideal diet.

Our bodies are very resilient and patient, but eventually symptoms and issues appear. That is what happened to me. I starting experiencing major digestive problems which would often keep me up at night.

I didn’t immediately pay attention and the digestive issues became more and more intense. Three years ago, after one of the more intense episodes, I went to see a Naturopathic Doctor. She advised that I go on an Elimination Diet for one month. After one month, I began to slowly introduce foods.

My digestive upsets returned but now I started paying attention to what the trigger was. Breads, and pasta in particular caused me quite a bit of distress-that began my gluten free journey which I followed for a few months, but my digestive issues did not totally go away.

My Naturopath suggested that I have an allergy blood test done which would test for 96 foods. My results were surprising – eggs, which I have always loved to eat, registered the highest, as well as dairy, whey and mushrooms. Wheat and gluten did not register but I knew that I could not tolerate gluten. Whey was also a surprise.

I had started having smoothies every morning using a high quality whey protein powder! While others were losing weight on this regime, I had been gaining-Wow!

I began to read more and more information on organic foods, gluten free cooking and healthy eating. I came across the Holistic Nutrition program at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and I knew this was the program for me.

What I have learned is to pay attention to the signals that my body send me as everyone is biochemically unique. I am responsible for my wellness. Wellness encompasses the triad of Body, Mind and Spirit, and mind and spirit are not separate from the body. Proper nutrition will help to maintain, rejuvenate, and rehabilitate my body. Proper nutrition plays a major role in the prevention of disease and sickness.

Nutrient dense foods contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are the front-line defense against premature aging, allergies and most illnesses. I learned to take the time to read labels and understand what the ingredients mean.

I now choose to feed my body live, natural and good quality foods which contain live enzymes to nourish me, which boosts my immunity and contributes to my overall good health.

I support my local farmers markets and ask questions about how the food is produced. I have eliminated gluten, eggs and dairy, and my diet is 80% plant based. I have more energy, my skin looks great and my digestive issues have been eliminated.

Digestive issues only recur if I ‘just have to have that pizza, or dessert’.

I am so excited to share my passion with you and help you on your path to increased energy, vitality and wellness. I have helped clients overcome allergy issues, increase their energy, and identify what foods and lifestyle changes to make to facilitate these changes.

Since everyone is biochemically unique, I will work with you to identify what is right for you and your body.

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